We are excited to announce a big change to the second and third largest indoor farm shows in the U.S. – new names! The Nebraska Power Farming Show is now called the Nebraska Ag Expo and the Iowa Power Farming Show is the Iowa Ag Expo.

“These name changes better reflect the evolution of agriculture and our farm shows,” states Tom Junge, show director. “Today’s growers come to our farm shows to engage with the familiar brands they know, but also to discover emerging companies with technology and innovation that will make them even better at what they do.”

According to Junge, there have been three major agricultural evolutions over the years. One of the biggest was the mechanization of agriculture. “In 1918, the Iowa farm show had an unimaginable 43 tractor brands on display,” emphasizes Junge. “Then, while U.S. tractor sales peaked in the early 1950s, the horsepower or ‘power’ of tractors continued to increase to help farmers cover more land in less time. This evolution brought about the names “Iowa and Nebraska Power Farming Shows.”

Precision agriculture has been a key component of the third wave of modern agricultural advancement. The first precision ag brought satellite and aerial imagery, weather prediction, variable rate fertilizer application and crop health indicators to growers. This was followed by aggregating the machine data for even more precise planting, topographical mapping and soil data. Today, precision agriculture has grown to include biologicals, robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Farm shows have experienced these evolutions as well. “At one time, only ag equipment companies were allowed to exhibit at our Iowa show,” explains Junge. “Now our ‘pure-ag’ shows include the expansion of ALL ag-related products. Today, more than ever before, growers are hungry for knowledge and eager to adopt innovation and new technology. Our new names reflect the changes happening in agriculture today and illustrates our commitment to provide the best attendee and exhibitor experience possible.”

The Nebraska Ag Expo (nebraskaagexpo.com) will be held December 8-10, 2020 at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, NE. The Iowa Ag Expo (iowaagexpo.com) will be held February 2-4, 2021 at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, IA.