The Innovation Hubs are an unparalleled showcase of the latest and most revolutionary ag technology in the industry.

Located in the Community Choice Convention Center ballroom and the main floor of the Wells Fargo Arena, the Innovation Hubs are a vibrant display of technological excellence, boasting 41 handpicked companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and ingenuity. It serves as a launchpad for visionary ideas, groundbreaking products, and entrepreneurs.

The Innovation Hubs create a perfect stage for companies to showcase their game-changing technologies and solutions.

The companies listed will exhibit in the 2024 Innovation Hubs:

2024 Innovation Hub Exhibitors


4Harvest is a mobile app and desktop website that simplifies and streamlines record-keeping, bushel tracking, and grain storage during and after harvest.

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Yield Optimizer aggregates seed brand and hybrid yield data collected from the industry’s most respected, independent research trials. It then creates a comprehensive list ranking top-performing hybrids by yield specific to your location. There’s no marketing bias, just raw verified data. Yield Optimizer also offers a performance guarantee that helps mitigate your Yield Gap risk.

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Aeroseeder offers a drone that can carry 20-30lbs and broadcast cover crops. The seeding drone allows more service providers in the market—and some proficient farmers­—­the option of doing the jobs themselves.

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A logical approach to growing crops. “Start Right 2.0” is a biological biostimulant with a concentrated blend of carboxylates, seaweed extracts, amino acids, plant vitamins and select soil bacteria along with a 5-10-5 fertilizer and zinc.

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Farmers that need RTK precision have another option with the Agra-GPS CRG receiver. It supports all four satellite systems and comes with RTK, without any unlocks. It also includes a JD-Bridge which allows the CRG to enable John Deere displays to autosteer machines including Claas, AGCO and CNH.

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Agri Spray Drones helps producers and landowners to utilize unmanned aerial vehicles in liquid and granular application for agricultural production and land management.

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Agtronix FeedPro® Systems weigh and meter on-the-fly feed systems with exceptional quality and significantly increased feed production for the money. This system allows for weighing and blending on the fly at a high level of efficiency and more homogeneously than traditional batch feed mixing systems. New innovations in additional ingredients are being added to feed recipes and how to handle them as well as touch screen, remote control mill management system.

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Our patented and field-tested sprayer retrofits make agrochemical optimized coverage droplets stick to plants better so that farmers can get the same protection while spraying up to 50% less!

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The Box Bullet is an innovative design focused on keeping farmers and seed dealers safe when handling seed or other ag commodities. It allows them to lift the box over a hopper or tender and dump it while staying on the ground level.

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Biosphere Drone Solutions provides digital, informative, intelligent, and precise field management for grain crops and specialty crops.

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Bovi-Jet strives to improve the farming practices for maintaining healthy herds through automation. We pride ourselves on saving time and labor to enable cattlemen to focus on what matters most.

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The Bushel Plus Smartpan System offers precise grain loss measurement with remote control and portability. The Mini Combine provides electric sampling with easy interchangeable concaves. MAD Concaves replace traditional combine concaves for faster, more efficient threshing.

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Chrysalabs believes that precision agriculture starts with fast and precise soil mapping. They have developed a portable probe that can measure in real-time soil nutrients and soil health, giving all needed information within seconds to producers and agronomist, with the same exact accuracy of a laboratory.

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Continuum Ag is a soil health data intelligence company using a proprietary tool, called TopSoil® to enable farmers to profit from improving their soil health. Their Carbon Intensity (CI) Certificate product from TopSoil is made for farmers, from farmers.

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Turn your existing alarm’s probes and wires into smart alarms. Without the need to buy expensive new probes, you can now access and manage your barn alarm system right from your phone.

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Drone Nerds details the components of a “complete drone solution” from navigating a drone program implementation process and showing use-case examples used across a range of different farming operations. A top enterprise drone provider in the US.

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EvenMix® uses aerospace engineering techniques to design pump technology into variable pitch blades, bringing true mixing technology to in-drum liquids.

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Premium Y-Drops take the hassle out of split nitrogen applications. EZ-Drops are strong, simple, adaptive, and efficient.

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Helping Farmers Work…Farmmee connects Farmers with the help they need when they need it. From needing an extra hand during planting season to bringing in another combine during the harvest season, Farmmee is there when you need help the most.

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FJD AT2 Auto Steer System combines GNSS and RTK to guarantee a 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy on any terrain. It is compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery and versatile implements. With this system, you can reduce skips and overlaps, save on input costs, work at night, and save your neck from looking back and forth.

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The 3RIVE 3D® application system from FMC is a revolutionary at-plant crop protection delivery platform that gives growers the freedom to farm faster.

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Grain Weevil’s BinAssist technology utilizes a grain bin safety and management robot to map, measure, and manipulate grain from start to finish in the post-harvest storage process. By doing the work that no farmer should, Grain Weevil is revolutionizing post-harvest grain storage by protecting you and your profits.

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An advanced real-time grain bin temperature, humidity and moisture monitoring system, alongside automated fan control units. Comprehensive real-time analysis and alerting system.

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A free mobile app that lets farmers send requests for farm inputs to desired retailers, including the current retailers they know and trust. It provides a more efficient way to search and research products, manage and organize input buying, communicate with their retailers as well as apply for financing as it digitally streamlines a farmer’s workflow by capturing all requests, responses and transactions for farm input products.

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We have 2 that are unique to the industry in N-Gen and LeafSaver. N-Gen is a nitrogen generating biological that is OMRI approved so organic farmers can use it as well as conventional farmers. It can be used on the seed, in furrow or foliar applied. There is no other one like it in the world at this time. LeafSaver is a plant health promoter that is used in place of fungicides and can prevent white mold and tar spot, 2 issues that are plaguing the Midwest right now.

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SUPRGrow is a “Next Gen” Sulfur fertilizer for corn crops. SUPRGrow is only needed at very low loading that can be applied at time of planting or a later fertilizer field pass and has been shown to increase harvest yields of corn an average of 6% in multi-year field trials.

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Holganix Bio 800+ charges soil with over 800 species of soil microbes to improve plant performance.

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AGMRI is an automated crop intelligence platform that helps farmers efficiently monitor fields with a bird’s eye view that directs where to take a closer look, gain a new perspective by gathering insights to understand field performance, and take action on insights throughout the growing season.

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JCA’s Autonomous Grain Cart enables farmers to improve their harvest operations by retrofitting a grain cart pulling tractor for autonomy.

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A pioneer in agricultural robotics, Naïo Technologies provides robots for easier farming.

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NTP uses proprietary non-thermal plasma technology to produce sustainable, affordable, salt-free nitrates onsite as a substitute for synthetic fertilizer using only air and electricity as inputs.

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As the most efficient phosphate fertilizer, Crystal Green puts your crops in control of their nutrient uptake and minimizes the loss of phosphorus to soil tie-up, runoff and leaching. Unlike conventional phosphate fertilizers, Crystal Green responds to crop demand, naturally releasing phosphorus, along with nitrogen and magnesium (5-28-0 with 10% Mg).

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Pesticide aerial application always was a pain point for growers and retailers. Perfect Flight built an online solution to track and improve performance of chemicals applied through the air. With the help of software engineers, four KPIs were created. Success, uniformity, error and waste.

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RhizoSorb® is the only proven fertilizer technology to increase phosphorus efficiency up to 50% and preserve yield. RhizoSorb®’s patented plant-based release mechanism is based on a chemical gradient in the soil. Saving up to 10 to 15% per acre on fertilizer cost.

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microBIOMETER is a low-cost, portable, onsite test for soil microbial biomass and Fungal to Bacterial Ratio. Results are read by phone app enabling growers to better understand soil health and assess regenerative growing practices.

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Rantizo offers a complete turnkey system for individuals, custom applicators, agribusinesses, and ag retailers wanting to provide drone crop spraying and drone custom application services to their customers.

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RcFarmArm overlays your armrest controls and ignition key in minutes, giving you safe control of your tractor wherever you need to be standing while performing stationary PTO tasks.

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The ReEnvision Ag Planter System helps farmers make money by widening the planting window, reducing compaction, and bringing full yield potential regeneratively.

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Salin247 is testing the protype of its autonomous, electric toolbar for planting, spraying, and sidedress nitrogen application. The Iowa-based company is building a platform for small, lightweight, electric-powered, autonomous crop production machines.

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The Soiltech Sensor is the first that can move throughout the whole ag-supply chain. It can be buried under the soil – to measure and wirelessly report soil moisture and temperature (to determine optimal planting/harvest date, calculate degree days). It can then monitor environmental conditions post-harvest.

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Farm Advantage empowers grain, livestock, and dairy producers to efficiently access market information and pricing tools to make key decisions on sales and easily view trading accounts—all in one app.

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Susterre is pioneering the use of ultra-high-pressure water jets in row crop applications. Susterre facilitates no-till farming and the use of cover crops by easily handling crop residue with little downforce and by injecting agricultural inputs into the soil.

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The TC80 Rock Picker is a versatile solution that enables highly efficient and precise rock picking with minimal soil disruption. When combined with TerraClear’s Rock Map and/or end-to-end Rock Picking Service, it drastically improves productivity, so farmers can fully understand their rock problem, develop an informed plan, and solve it faster and more efficiently, all with less labor and less cost.

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The SmartProbe Kit offers an innovative solution for farmers and agronomists, revolutionizing soil analysis. Our smartphone-enhanced soil penetrometer systems deliver instantaneous soil compaction analysis, enabling users to make informed decisions. This unparalleled tool optimizes soil health and crop yields, setting a new standard in the market.

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A trusted partner for farmers embracing next-gen autonomous and digital tools, who helps farmers unlock the agility they need to accelerate productivity and advance operations on their farms. Now operating as a one-stop shop for drone-powered farming, we provide expert advice, 360-degree services, and real-time troubleshooting that farmers can lean on and trust.

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Instant Quotes provides on-demand real-time commodity market quotes by text. Unlike other systems that offer only delayed intraday quotes, with Instant Quotes, you get real-time price quotes on the commodities you want.

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