US Hemp Growers Trade Show and Conference
will be featured at the Iowa Ag Expo

The US Hemp Growers is excited to be at the Iowa Ag Expo. This gives us the much-needed opportunity to educate large acreage farmers and producers on the growing need for hemp fiber and grain production in the United States.

We will be taking this opportunity to discuss the hemp supply chain and the different areas we are seeing growth. We want to equip farmers with the information they need in order to seize this opportunity to use this as a rotational crop that will generate revenue for farmers and producers and help set the pricing standards in the United States.

Global Fiber Processing LLC. in collaboration with Formation Ag. will be at the show to discuss the hemp decortication facility in Colorado and plans to expand into the Midwest. Having a facility like this in the Midwest has tremendous opportunity for producers, and a big first step for farmers that are interested in growing for fiber. Our sessions will consist of panelists from all over the United States that are currently working in the fiber and grain industry.


  • Ken Elliot from IND HEMP will be talking about field trials and expectations for farmers and processors related to hemp grain production.
  • The Hemp Feed Coalition – President, Ken Elliot and Vice President, Andrew Bish will be speaking about the current state of hemp as an animal feed ingredient, the regulatory hurdles to overcome, and the market opportunities hemp has on the animal feed industry.

Hemp related booths and seminars will be located on the Ballroom level of the Convention Center.


Bish Enterprises/Hemp Harvest Works – Industry leaders in hemp harvesting and processing equipment manufacturing, debuting their new FiberCut Multi-Sickle Hemp Mower to increase the efficiency of fiber harvesting and facilitate the expansion of fiber acres in the Midwest.

CBD Prime Seed – Our company specializes in uniquely crafted hemp genetics bred for optimal extraction & superior smoke quality.

Formation Ag – Design and manufacture of hemp harvest, processing, decortication and cleaning machinery.

Global Fiber Processing – Striving to be the leader in long and short line fiber of the highest quality possible today. Hurd that is cleaner and more consistently sized than anything on the market.

Hemp Engineered Manufacturing Products – Specializes in finishing materials made from hempwood for homes and commercial construction.

Hemp Feed Coalition – Our mission: to gain Federal approval for hemp and its byproducts as animal feed to create new markets.

Hemp Home Styles – Specializes in home furnishings made from hempwood.

IND HEMP – IND HEMP is the US leader in hemp grain and fiber production and processing. Your hemp food ingredient and hemp fiber supply chain partners.

JC Younger – We design large industrial cannabis chilling equipment for the hemp extraction, cannabis, and CBD industry.

Salt Creek Hemp –  We are a highly respected independent source for CBD and hemp products.

Shivvers MFG Inc. – Trusted Hemp Drying Solutions backed by 52 years of industry experience that help growers preserve their investment.

Tennessee Harvester – THC remediation, white label, ingredients & custom cannabinoid formulations for manufacturers and consumer goods.